Monday, April 29, 2013

Borrowing Money With Bad Credit

How To Hassle Free Borrow With Job Earnings

It you have a job and need to borrow money for a short term emergency, you can use your salary as "collateral" to a bank or lending company and they will let you borrow the money you need. When borrowing money with bad credit you need to be creative. Payday loans are the most common loan of this type that accept people with bad credit but if your income is high enough you can use it to qualify with a regular bank for more traditional borrowing.

With a job pay advance loan you must provide a post-dated check and lender will deposit the money you borrow into your checking account, repayment will draft automatically when you receive your due paycheck from employment. Payday loans are very popular because of their flexibility, near instant funding and easy approvals, with millions of dollars borrowed each and every month.

Near Instant Money Funded Direct Into Your Account
No Credit Check - Bankruptcy OK, Foreclosure OK, Repossessions OK
Quick, Easy Online Application Process - Fill Out A Quick Form To Borrow
Loans Borrowed Are Unsecured - No Security Needed

Attaches To Your Bank Account
Expensive Borrowing Costs
Paycheck Deductions Mean Smaller Paycheck Come Next Payday
Typically Short Borrowing Repayment Periods

Have you heard about the dangers of borrowing payday loans? Well there is truth in what is said, borrowing too many payday loans at once can lead to a bad situation in which all the payments are deducted from your paycheck leaving little left for you come next payday. As you can imagine, not an ideal situation that can lead to financial trouble, but if you know how to manage payday loan borrowing effectively, it can be a powerful financial tool in a pinch.

Learn How To Easily Borrow With Creative Security

If you are cash strapped, broke, in need of money fast, the first avenue many turn to is to use a pawn broker where you can pawn personal items of real value to the store. These stores will accept personal items like jewelry, watches, gadgets, musical instruments and even personal computers.

The pawn broker will assess the value of your item and the money will be given to you in exchange for your personal items as security for the loan. If you fail to meet the repayment obligations the pawnshop will keep what you put up as security for the money.

Instant Funding of The Money You Borrow
No Credit Check - Bankruptcy OK, Foreclosure OK, Repossessions OK
Simple Borrowing Process - Typically a Short Form To Fund
Very Flexible Acceptance of Security Items

Requires Security Deposit of Something Valuable
You Can Only Borrow A Small Portion of The Securities Actual Value
High Borrowing Costs

Most pawnshops will keep the items you have for a month or more with interest. If you are not able to pay to redeem the loan in a month, you can renew the pawn agreement effectively extending the terms paying only interest. It will go on until you get your item back. If at any time you stop paying the monthly interest on the money you borrowed, your personal item will be forfeited, put on sale or auctioned off. The monthly interest rate is high too. Not necessarily the ideal solution to borrow money with bad credit, a pawnshop loan offers an option that can be considered in an emergency.

How To Quickly Borrow Against Your Car Title

Another method for borrowing money with bad credit is to use your car as collateral. Most title loans for bad credit people will not require a credit check and use the car to secure the money you borrow.

Additionally you can consider borrowing using a refinance of your car loan, in which you borrow in excess of what you currently owe. In lieue of a title loan check out our recommended bad credit car loans for a possible refinance, in some cases you can quickly reduce what you pay in bills and free up additional money. Both borrowing options require a certain minimum value in your car and or the equity you have in the car. The amount you can borrow is based on your autos value.

The lender will ask to assess your vehicles value which as you would suspect includes factors such as the vehicle model, its condition and the year it was made. Borrowing with bad credit based on a title loan will let you get access to money in a hurry, but the lender will keep the title on your car as security for your repayment. Much like payday loan borrowing the grace period for repayment is typically 30 days and it is renewable every month thereafter, but this can vary so read your contract carefully.

Like all borrowing with bad credit, a title loan will inherently have a high percentage interest charge, and can be considered expensive when compared with good credit loan options. This is the unfortunate reality when borrowing bad credit money. If you default in payment or you are falling too far in arrears with your payments the lender has the option to repossess your vehicle.

Fast Borrowing Option
Bad Credit OK - Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Repossessions Accepted
Possibility Of Borrowing Bigger Loan Amounts

Car Value Assessment Must Be Made
Car Pledged As Security - Risk Of Losing Car In Case of Default
High Borrowing Costs

If you default, the lender will sell your vehicle to replace the borrowed money. If the cost of your vehicle is not enough to cover the loan that you have borrowed, you will be asked to pay the difference on top of losing your car to repossession. You have the option to recover the vehicle in some cases but you will have to do it before the vehicle is sold to another buyer and you need to pay the necessary fees which can include the interest, repossession fee and the outstanding loan amount you have with the title lender.

Beware of title loans as you could well be pledging as security your means of getting to and from work.

Understanding How To Borrow Money With Bad Credit

Are you noticing a trend among the borrowing options for people with bad credit? Higher costs, interest increases, risk of pledged security, and hassle. To borrow a with bad credit history you need to make it worthwhile for lender in some way, to make it worth the higher risk of letting you borrow the money you want. Unfortunately that translates into higher fees in most cases.

Knowing how to borrow with bad credit is as much about understanding what the lenders want to make the loan a win win for both parties.

Your bad credit score need not prevent you from borrowing, but the best option is to work to fix your credit, get back on your financial feet and unlock all the benefits good credit borrowing can provide.

If you want to learn more about creative borrowing for people with bad credit check out our guide on how to buy a house with bad credit. Or check out how to get a mortgage with bad credit if you are interested in financing your home.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why You Should Consider Umbrella Insurance

Why do you carry an umbrella? The easy answer is so that you protect yourself from the rain, right? Well, not exactly. You also carry an umbrella in case it rains, at least forward-looking people do. And business owners and professionals looking for the right insurance always have to be forward-looking, don't they?

In other words, an umbrella is an "insurance policy" in the event that weather disaster strikes you. You may have a waterproof coat on. You may be wearing rain boots. You might have even picked a route to walk on which provides you the maximum shelter from rainfall. But you'll still carry that umbrella around with you because you want to make sure you don't get soaked once the unwanted event occurs, don't you?

Well, it's not all that different when it comes to formal insurance polices. It's why they've come up with something actually called umbrella insurance. Those creative geniuses in the insurance industry have an answer and a name for everything, don't they?

To put it in the simplest terms, umbrella insurance is extra coverage you get just in case you your basic coverage runs out. So, if you have, say, professional liability coverage of up to $1 million, and a claim is made against you for $1.5 million, the umbrella portion of your coverage can kick in and prevent you from paying the full amount. Just as a real umbrella can save you from the disaster of your hair getting wet, despite the most waterproof hat on the market, good umbrella coverage will provide you with protection in case your basic coverage gets soaked, too.

There are essentially two advantages to obtaining umbrella insurance. One is that it can leave significant assets covered for a relatively small price. The other advantage is that it can simply provide you with more comprehensive coverage -- above and beyond individual policies such as professional liability.

Individuals or professionals who have considerable assets that could be at risk under the threat of a lawsuit might want to consider an umbrella policy. Professional liability alone may not be enough, since the limit of that policy could only cover a certain amount of your assets. By investing in an umbrella policy that would increase the amount of your assets covered, the potential savings in the end could far outweigh the additional costs. Liability insurance is meant to protect you from the nightmare lawsuit. Umbrella insurance does just that if you have considerable assets that could be at risk.

The other thing to take into consideration is that, not only does an umbrella policy provide you with added insurance, just like a real umbrella, but it also provides you with coverage that brings together various different aspects of your specific insurance policies. In other words, this kind of policy puts under one umbrella components that would otherwise be included in separate coverage. There go those insurance experts with their clever titles again. So, a good umbrella insurance package can not only end up costing you a bit less to cover more assets, it can save you the time and effort to seek out individual policies to cover various different components of your business.

For example, instead of, say, getting one policy for professional liability, another policy for property coverage, and yet another for worker's compensation, a cleverly constructed umbrella policy can create for you elements of all of them, save you money, and leave you more widely and deeply covered than you otherwise would be. Like all good insurance policies, it leaves you prepared for when that rainy day hits. You'll have that umbrella over your head to meet that day when it comes.

Now, before coming to the conclusion that, despite all the warnings and all the concerns, you probably don't need umbrella coverage, think about some of the consequences of not getting it. For a relatively small extra investment, is it really wise to simply write off the concern and pretend that you don't have to worry about it?

Here' some food for thought. No matter how careful or good you are, and no matter how prepared you think you are to avoid mistakes and causing harm to others, there are two things you have to worry about with respect to umbrella insurance and professional liability.

The first is that you're human. You're not superman -- or superwoman. As a business owner or professional, you are going to make mistakes. You don't know when or how, but being human means that they mistake can occur one way or another. And they can certainly happen in the normal conduct of your business. In fact, all that has to happen is for there to be a perception of a mistake made by someone you do business with, that causes damages, that you can still end up paying for in terms of legal fees and awarded damages.

The second thing to worry about if you don't have umbrella insurance or professional liability coverage is human nature, especially in today's environment of the frivolous lawsuit. You almost can't imagine the ways in which your business might touch others, and the ways in which someone out there may claim that the harm they suffered was as a result of something you did. You cannot possibly protect yourself from such a scenario without things like professional liability which may include added umbrella insurance. With these under your belt, you help protect yourself from the nightmare lawsuit you never dreamed of ever having to fight.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Canadian Debt Solutions You Could Try Out To Improve Your Situation

In spite being a prosperous country, Canada is also plagued with a number of economic problems stemming from external and internal factors. Although its citizens have yet to experience the tragedy that fell Americans a few years ago, there are impending signs of instability currently observed in many sectors of society. Aside from the decrease in the number of full time employment, the recent debt ratio of Canadians has been set at 164.6% in 2012, which is the highest it’s ever been. With this, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are now curious about Canadian debt solutions to acquire, in case they are pushed to their limit.

Well, most financial institutions will offer the same set of suggestions when it comes to settling loans. But some of them will be more focused on practicing only one at a time to improve their effectiveness. In light of this, it is vital that you know what each option is characteristically so you can determine what you should and should not consider. Although there is generally no bad way to go about resolving debt, there are times when you won’t be qualified for a certain method. So you should endeavor to know the details before you jump into any prospect so as to avoid wasting your time. Among the most common debt relief options firms provide is that of debt settlement. And what it actually entails is a negotiation to decrease the actual amount of debt a person has to pay in order to resolve it. It is mediated by a third party (usually from the debt relief company) so that those with interests can agree on a midpoint that favors both of their situations.

Another one of the popular Canadian debt solutions made available through local agencies is that of debt management. And here, they will again mediate the payment of the loans by approaching creditors and negotiating deadlines and then helping people out in terms of figuring out which assets they could use to pay off certain obligations and how they could earn extra income to meet monthly disbursements. Sometimes, they go as far as paying off the charges and then collecting payment with a new interest rate as well as due date established. This is somewhat like debt consolidation, which is another debt relief approach financial companies follow through. But these are usually observed for those people who have numerous loans from different resources that observe a variety of interest rates and are using the same collateral.

Of course, some debts cannot be resolved in such methods because of the lack of income-generating opportunities. And so there are companies who specialize in Canadian debt solutions that provide bankruptcy services. There are different types of bankruptcy cases that could be filed in behalf of a person. And they all are tailored maid to fit a specific circumstance. So folks can’t just file for a Chapter 7 or 11 without knowing the basics. False claims can be grounds for imprisonment. So you have to work with experts on the manner to get any payment demands from loans you’ve made dismissed.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Professional Association Disability Insurance Programs and the Residual Disability Rider

Many professionals that purchase their own Individual Disability Insurance policies will at some point look to their Professional Association for guidance, support and available discount programs. Associations like the American Medical Association, American Bar Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, American Institute of CPAs and American Dental Association offer Disability insurance programs at a discounted premium. Consumers should be aware however that there are a few concerns to consider when it comes to Association Disability insurance. In many cases, these policies are inferior to those offered directly from insurance carriers.

The first concern is regarding the renewability provision included in Association programs vs. that which is available on an individual basis. Typically, Association programs are Guaranteed renewable but not Noncancellable, which means that the premiums are not technically guaranteed to remain level for the duration of the policy life. Although this is not the biggest concern since many of these associations have never increased their premiums in the past, having a guarantee creates a different and greater level of comfort.

The second concern is in regard to the definition of total disability. Most Association programs have limitations on the definition of disability they offer. Although some of them may have their own version of the True Own Occupation definition of disability, it is likely to be less favorable than that which is offered with individual contracts. Regardless of what occupation a person has, having Own-Occupation income protection is always better than not having it. Consumers should be cautious of sales professionals recommending that these more comprehensive definitions are not important. In reality no one knows which definition of disability is the necessary one until a debilitating injury or illness has already occurred. When it comes to protecting a person's income, family, future and livelihood, the more cautious route can never be a bad thing.

Perhaps the most important factor that professionals should be aware of with Association Disability insurance is the structure of the Residual Disability rider that is offered. Residual Disability benefits are meant to cover partial disability claims where a professional has incurred a 20% or greater loss of income due to an illness or injury. Considering that the vast majority of Long-Term Disability claims are due to illness and not injury, the structure of a policy's residual benefits can be very important.

Most illnesses do not just appear over night, instead they progressively worsen over time.

Strangely enough though, many Association Disability programs offer residual disability benefits which require the insured to experience a period of total Disability prior to benefits being payable. Unlike Association Disability policies, individual Disability policies do not require a person to experience a total disability before paying residual benefits. Although every claim can be different, the residual benefit design used by Association Disability programs could deprive a claimant of benefits that would otherwise be paid with an individual policy purchased directly from an insurance carrier.

Having Disability insurance is an important part of any wise financial plan, but is not something that should be rushed into. When purchasing Disability insurance, you should work with an expert in the field who can assist you in understanding the various options available to you. Do not purchase your income protection solely based on pricing as there are many fine policies that can be purchased at an affordable cost.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How Transportation Bonds Help Cover Your Valuables

Most of the time, if you have ever run into the term "transportation bond" it is something you are asked to vote for or against and it has to do with your local or state government wanting to fund some sort of transportation project such as a road or a rail line. There is, nonetheless, a different meaning. A bond may also be a guarantee of something, a specific insurance policy written to protect you from some type of wrong-doing by a company you have retained. It could in fact also cover some sort of breakdown on your part such as withholding payment or not paying punctually. But, in cases like this, this type of surety bond is designed for your protection.

From time to time, you might have need of having something transported by a professional company. These situations could be if you are moving to a different home, relocating out of state or even out of the country where you are insuring all your possessions in the event damage or loss takes place. This may be one situation where you would certainly want a transportation bond. This would give you some security in knowing that if the truck catches fire and everything burns up, if your possessions were to get stolen while enroute, or if the driver just never shows up with your possessions, you will be recompensed for the loss. It might not even be that serious. You would be paid out for example, if the movers damage a mirror or breaks your kitchen table. Of course, the moving company would very typically pay for these sorts of problems anyway. Even so, if the moving company is unable to act or it turns out that they just downright stole your things with no intention to deliver them, then in that case, this is how a bond would come in handy because the bond company would pay your claim and then try to get reimbursed by the moving company.

If you are having a car transported, this is another instance you might be glad to have a transportation bond. These situations pertain to relocating to another state and wanting the car expertly transported or purchasing an expensive car in Germany and you live in Tennessee. In this case, you would most likely want to get some sort of bond in case for whatever reason the company you contracted with failed to deliver. With a respected company this is not usually an issue as they normally pay for the damage or loss but you can never be too sure. Since unfortunately in today's world there are a lot of businesses that are extremely shady, it will ultimately be beneficial to you to insure your belongings in these situations so your not worrying whether or not you would be compensated should damage or theft occur. With a transportation surety bond, nevertheless, the bond company would likely investigate the situation and pay what is owed you. Not like any insurance you commonly pay for, bonds similar to this are totally different. This is something most professional businesses already have since it protects them, too. However, if you are looking into employing a company to do some sort of major transportation for you, then making sure that such a transportation surety bond is paid for and active would be a very important part of investigating them.

These kinds of transportation surety bonds nonetheless, only cover the goods you are having shipped to make sure you are protected up to a specific amount should the company refuse to pay in times of loss, damages or theft.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Things You Need To Know Before Acquiring Metairie Payroll Services

Like any other commodity, outsourced services have their upsides and downsides, depending on how well the consumer qualified his choices at the beginning. Bad decision-making often leads to grave consequences. So you have to make sure you do not fall for the common mistakes people make when it comes to acquiring Metairie payroll services. One of these is not knowing what they are buying in the first place. Yes, the concept is a giveaway. But unknown to a lot of folks, there are actually many layers to payroll servicing that needs to be acknowledge.

One of its intricacies is the fact that it has three categories. The first category is the PSPs or payroll service providers. And they generally just prepare the payroll tax returns using the employer’s Employer Identification Number. They do all the mathematical work but it is the client that signs and files the document. The second category is that of RAs or reporting agents. And these entities not only prepare payroll tax returns but also carry out the signing and the filing, under the name of the employer. The third category is that of PEOs or professional employer organizations. And what they do is actually act like the employer of a group of professionals in behalf of another company, prepare the payroll tax return with their own EIN, sign it and then file it. This information alone sheds light to a whole new side of the commodity that is often disregarded. Can you imagine how confusing it would be to have certain expectations and end up hiring the wrong kind of Metairie payroll services resource?

To add to the aforementioned, different payroll service companies employ different methods and tools to come up with the figures. Some of the work with QuickBooks; others apply Zero, GnuCash, Peachtree, inDinero, or FrontAccounting. The results and capacity usually vary. But the variety impacts your company in the sense that you might find yourself confused about how the reports are laid out for your review. And if there is some integration between in-house programs to that of the outsourcers, accounting may have a complicated time deciphering data given the unfamiliar software. This is why it is so important that you learn a lot about the skills and specialties of the payroll service professionals you contact and on a related note, know more about their unique attributes and functions.

As a final eye-opening tidbit about payroll services, you should know that not every one of the prospects you come across actually help you save on costs. There are payroll service companies that charge way more than what you would likely spend hiring your own staff and doing payroll accounts internally. With this, you need to extensively compare and contrast the options you are presented so you do not make the rookie error of assuming that just because outsourcing is the latest trend, it is applicable for your business. It really doesn’t make sense for you to acquire Metairie payroll services when you’re a home-based enterprise with a little over ten employee.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Do You Have The Knowledge To Buy The Right Life Insurance?

We'll start with the all-time dilemma; the question of whether you should purchase a Term Life Insurance or another type of Life Insurance that accumulates cash value. One way or another, everybody is aware of the main reason why this question constantly surfaces; monthly premiums! Term Insurance happens to be the least expensive, and most of the time people tend to purchase it just because of this reason.

Additionally, people get different answers from different insurance professionals; some advocate Buy-Term and Invest-The-Difference and some recommend Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Life, or maybe combination of the two or more of them. In the end, choosing an insurance policy becomes a dilemma between the premiums and the suggestions that you hear from various insurance professionals.

So what is the answer to this question and how do you select the right insurance policy for yourself?

In reality, there is no cookie-cutter answer for purchasing either Term, Whole Life, or any other one for that matter. Everybody has different needs and one size hardly fits all. So in order to accommodate different situations and needs, Life Insurance has evolved into many different types. As a result, the right choice depends on your answers to the following questions:

o What is the very purpose of your life insurance?
o Why are you really buying it?

You should keep in mind that Life Insurance is indeed one of the most versatile products that you can purchase in the market. It can be used for many purposes such as;

o Retirement Supplement
o Pay off debt
o Estate Planning
o Pay off taxes
o Supplement for a college education
o Income replacement for your spouse
o And the list continues depending on your personal needs

Once you determine the purpose of your needs, you now have to identify the type of life insurance you should be purchasing. This actually creates another dilemma; now you need to have the proper knowledge of every type of policy so you can decide which one or maybe the combination of the ones to purchase. On this note, let's touch base with the main types of Life Insurance Policies in the market:

o Term Life
o Whole Life
o Universal Life
o Variable Life

It should be pointed out that these are only the main types of life insurance policies where there are also many others as well as the variations of these policies available in the market. Nevertheless, in order to decide which one of these policies is more suitable for your personal needs requires broad knowledge and here are just a few important topics that you need to be aware of; how these policies develop cash value, how dividends get distributed, the time period you have to pay into your policy, how premiums are calculated, any premium changes after a certain time period, is it participating or non-participating, etc.

Of course as a third step, you also have to calculate the amount of life insurance you need as well. This indeed is separate topic and the methods of calculations can be put in a nut shell as follows:

o Multiples of Income Approach
o Financial Needs Analysis Method
o Capital Needs Analysis Approach
o Some other methods that various insurance companies developed themselves

In summary, following is the list of the key steps of purchasing the right life insurance for your personal needs;

o Deciding why you are buying the policy. In other words, what's the purpose of your life policy?
o Knowing the type of policy that suits the best for your personal situation. Is it Term, Whole Life, Variable Life, Universal Life, or combination of any of these policies?
o Calculating the amount of your policy based on your purpose

One way or another, getting a life insurance is not just buying the least expensive policy, it is indeed a series of decisions and calculations that requires considerable amount of knowledge. The process can be quite tedious, depending on your situation, and it is best to consult an insurance professional to have it done right.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Optimizing PLI For Design Professionals

PLI stands for professional liability insurance. Professional liability insurance for engineers, architects and surveyors is often referred to as PLI for designers. PLI premiums are determined through a process involving the assessment of several factors over which designers (professional service type businesses) have some control. For example, design professionals can improve premiums by exploring the factors insurance carriers use in their quotation creation process for professional liability clients. Consequently the application process should be optimized for achieving the best possible outcome for the design firm or independent professional.

Design companies must make their business attractive to insurance carriers to obtain the best possible terms and pricing. The first step in this strategy is to identify the different risk factors and then present your design firm in the most positive way. While numerous factors determine the risk that a design firm poses to an insurance company, for the purpose of this discussion we will focus on the most critical areas. They include:

1. The location of the firm
2. The locations of design firm projects
3. Project types (traditional commercial projects such as offices, warehouse and retail are often more attractive to carriers than swimming pools and amusement parks).
4. Loss History

Project with high perceived risks are much less attractive to insurance carriers than projects with a nominal risk profile. Projects with emotional attachments or those which have a high loss exposure can be detrimental to design firm PLI. Though working within the genres is necessary, it is prudent to understand the exposures and manage the risk as much as possible.

Loss history is reviewed closely by insurance carriers. Design projects can results in significant claims. There also is the perception and statistical likelihood that past claims are a fair indicator of potential future claims activity. As a result, a design firm with some significant claims in their past generally pays a much higher rate than a similar firm with nominal past claims. Carriers can look as far back as ten years back when evaluating a larger firm's loss history.

If a firm has a history of claims it still possible to cast the exposure in a more positive light utilizing the appropriate approach and documentation. When carriers review the loss history of a design firm, the approach and documentation that the design firm utilizes will prove critical in the resulting PLI premiums. Ultimately, design firms along with their PLI broker must negotiate with insurance carriers to favorably characterize their firm and provide the mitigating information necessary to encourage the most competitive premium quotes.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Advantage Of Preserving Natural Product – The Gold

Natural products are present on earth in a very limited quantity and metals like silver, gold or platinum are some among them. The immense beauty of gold and its value has increased its demand. Due to all these factors gold has become a good option to invest and earn extra money. There are different ways available to invest in gold. You can make choice according to your need and demand. Gold and other metals are available in variant forms like gold coin, gold jewelry and gold bars. In NYC there are watch selling stores from where you can buy these precious items. Investing your money in any of these forms promise good return, also this is a well-known method to get cash for gold.

Investment choice in gold and security measures:

Various types of gold are available in market. Some of them are white gold, pink or red gold, metal alloys. You can invest your money according to your pocket earnings. Gold is measured in terms of karat and the best form of gold is considered as 24 karat. 22k, 18k, 14k, 10k gold is also available in market that has mixture of other elements. There are many ways to spend your money in gold; some of them are mutual funds, sensex, gold coins, gold scrap, gold accessories. Buying 24 karat gold from banks with different schemes are also in trend that ensures the highest purity of gold. From all these methods you can get good cash for gold.

But before buying or selling silver, gold, platinum or other metals it is important to know some best way and methods to get maximum benefits. Many pawn brokers are their in shops, it is important to know about the best one so that no pawn brokers get a chance to cheat. You should buy or sell from a registered shops that have a valid license. You must ensure that the price rate defined by the pawn broker and the current market rate should match because many shopkeepers try to take advantage of these things. Rate of gold is dependable on gold weight and on its colour and karat value. Like other products gold have hallmark that shows the originality of product. Certificate for the gold or metal purchased are also given by the shopkeeper for future record.

Preservation of these metals:

Preserving these natural products is an important issue. In New York, Canada and in London there are number of actives agencies that work for silver recycling and gold refining. It enhances the quality of gold and gives a better option to mold these metals in new design that increase the market value automatically. Today people has become more trendy and choosy. They do not prefer that heavy and old fashioned jewelries as they hardly seek attention and so they prefer to invest through gold and buy other equivalent metals like platinum, gold plated silver and others. This reason has made this valuable metal quite popular and a better option to get some cash for gold.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Video Email Applications for Insurance Professionals

Insurance professionals, like many others in direct sales, rely on strong relationships to not only maintain, but build their client base. The best way to keep relationships strong is with regular communication, but relying on expensive mailings or lengthy phone conversations is neither cost nor time effective. Video email on the other hand, offers a time-saving and economical way to personally reach clients and prospects. Below are applications insurance professionals can employ in prospecting and customer retention strategies. The focus is not on 'hard' selling, but on educating, demonstrating and personally connecting with consumers through a variety of messages that build trust and familiarity.

Create video emails for the following applications:

1. Highlight policy types offered (life, home, car, health, motorcycle, RV, etc.)

2. Respond to internet inquiries with a video introduction

3. Give price quotes, (attach document if required) compare prices with competitors

4. Explain how to file a claim- demystify the process for wary consumers

5. Give safety tips- For the home: smoke detectors, security systems, fire extinguishers, stair safety (gates and railings), preventing falls, CPR and First Aid training, etc. For vehicles: seat belts, drinking and driving, cell phones and driving, system checks (brakes, tire pressure, lights, fluid levels), following speed limits, watch for pedestrians (especially children), etc.

6. Remind clients of annual coverage review

7. Life changes and how they can effect coverage needs- marriage, births, new job, college, major purchases, retirement and death in family all present reasons to update insurance coverage

8. FAQs on subjects such as: Rates & Payments, Choosing an Agent, Understanding Coverages and Changing a Policy

9. Explain coverage terms- Take the confusion out of insurance terms with clear explanations that help consumers make better coverage choices

10. Special rate offers- Spread the word on discounts and rate reductions

11. Tax savings- An added benefit of saving for retirement

12. Testimonials- Nothing better than customers raving about service and price

13. Event notification and/or invitation

14. Career achievements, community efforts- Mention degrees, certifications and licenses related to the insurance business that underscore experience. Highlight community involvement, affiliations and charitable projects.

15. Non-policy products and services offered: Investments such as Mutual Funds, Brokerage Accounts, IRA Accounts

16. News releases- Discuss breaking news, trends, company press releases, industry challenges, green efforts, etc.

17. Retirement preparedness- Give top 10 ways to save for retirement, include links to calculators and attach a brochure with additional information

19. Updates on insurance legislation- What local, state and national insurance reforms are on lawmakers dockets?

20. Holiday and special occasion touches- Reach out to clients throughout the year to show them they're appreciated!

Each video email application leads to ideas for more uses! By taking the initiative, insurance professionals can transform the way they communicate!